The World‘s Largest Transportable Observation Wheel

See the world from above!

The R80XL is the world’s largest transportable and series-produced Observation Wheel. Developed by experienced and highly qualified designers, it represents a state-of-the-art stand-alone attraction with a long lifetime.

Technical Specifications

Height 78 m
Wheel Diameter 74 m
Height Main Axle 40 m
Base Depth & Height 29 m x 42 m
Capacity 1700 passengers per hour
Number of Cabins 27 Zeppelin cabins for up to 16 passengers
54 Ethos cabins for up to 8 passengers
Revolutions 2 - 4 per hour


  • Zeppelin
  • Ethos


  • 16 Passengers
  • Bench, Cocktailbar, Dinner or VIP configuration


  • Entrance to the elevated platform via ramps in front of the wheel
  • Roofing of the entire waiting area with a transparent construction
  • Fully automatic entrance control through the electronic ticket system

R80XL Brochure

About us

The MAURER Group is a leading specialist in mechanical engineering and steel construction and has been family-owned since it was formed back in1876. We offer products, solutions and services which are particularly notable for their quality, durability and reliability.

MAURER German Wheels is exclusively dealing with the sales of Observation Wheels. Since 2002, about 30 Observation wheels have been built. Initially, the Observation wheels of types R40, R50 and R60 have been built as stationary and mobile versions, the number indicating the construction height of the Observation Wheel. Since 2012, we have been delivering the R80XL Observation Wheel as stationary and mobile version. A wheel of this type in Puebla / Mexico with a total height of approx. 78 m is currently listed as the largest transportable Observation Wheel in the world in the Guinness Book of Records.


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